Signature Combos

Solo Deal

Introducing our Solo Deal, a go-to meal for the lone wolf foodie! Enjoy the delicious Wreto signature wrap packed with Juicy chicken fillets, crisp lettuce, and crunchy fries, perfectly complemented by our special Garlic Sauce. And to quench your thirst, enjoy a refreshing 345ml drink. Why you'll love the solo deal! Wreto Wrap: Packed with juicy chicken fillets, fresh lettuce, and crispy fries. 345ml Drink: Choose from our selection of thirst-quenching beverages. Garlic Sauce: Adds a creamy, tangy kick to your Wreto. Perfect Portion: Ideal for a solo feast that hits the spot. Great Value: All this deliciousness at a pocket-friendly price.

PKR 691

PKR 870

21 % OFF

Duo Deal

2 Burgers and 2 Drinks (345 Ml).

PKR 1,163

PKR 1,600

27 % OFF

Fouro Deal

4 Burgers, 4 Chicken Pieces and 1 Drink (1.5 Ltr).

PKR 3,399

PKR 3,930

14 % OFF

Chic-Eto Deal

2 Chicken Pieces and 1 French Fries.

PKR 650

PKR 700

7 % OFF