ETO Story

  • ETO was incorporated by Muhammad Umer Sharif Khan. He has had an experience in the food and beverage industry for almost 32 years. He has vast knowledge regarding the fast food area. Umer Sharif and Alia Umer are prospective partners in this business. His children played a vital role in introducing flavour, in initial marketing, allowed word of mouth and made the company a real success. The company’s headquarters lie in Manchester, UK. Two branches have been opened in Pakistan over the course of one year. These are situated in Lahore and Faisalabad. It is true that ETO has been famous among the youth, teenagers, adults and children of all ages. Its slogan is “CHASING FLAVOUR”. The manager in-charge and the staff are highly experienced individuals. Customer service is valued by ETO. Last but not the least, ETO targets those who value health. Thus, we have come up with a brand that offers fast food and health in one bite!

  • Umer Sharif started his journey at a very young age. The initial stages of his career revolve around the food industry. He has worked for Sheraton , Hilton , Gymkhana and The Defence Club lahore, one of the very known elite class clubs situated in Lahore. He worked in The Defence Club for 15 years. He retired as a General Manager Food & Beverage . Over the years, he travelled to United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, and the United States of America many times, in search of energizing flavour. He has done various courses in Food and Hospitality Management.